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The Curriculum
Courses Subjects Credit points
Univ.-level required courses General Courses 28
English Proficiency Test
Department-level required courses European Languages Study Courses 67
Electives   24
Free 9
Total 128
  • Univ.-level required courses
    • General Courses (Including humanities, social sciences, hard sciences, and applied sciences: eight credit points), English, Chinese, National History, Jurisprudence, Psychology, General Concept of Computer, The ROC Constitution and National Spirit.
  • School-level required courses
    • Students must take the English Proficiency Test.
  • Department-level required courses
    • European language study: Intensive basic courses: Different track courses, case studies and language tests.
  • Electives
    • Foreign language teaching: Linguistics, Foreign Language Teaching, Foreign Language Teaching and Practice.
    • Business Trade:Theory and Practice in International Trade, Euroepan Business, Introduction to European Union, International Relationship, European Languages(German and French)Business Practice.
    • Languages Translation: Theory and Skills in Translation, Euroepan Languages Translation, Euroepan Languages Interpretation.
    • Society and Culture: German Society and Culture, French Society and Culture, Introduction to French Literature, Introduction to German Literature.