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Euro cafe
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Picture:Satellite-linked classroom Euro cafe provides a large space for all activites.
Satellite-linked classroom
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Picture:Satellite-linked classroom This classroom is equipped with personal computers with interactive English learning software, connected to the international satellite cable system. This facility enables teachers to use satellite-linked programs to teach English in international contexts.
Internet classroom
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Picture:Internet classroom The i nternet classroom provides useful tools for foreign language teaching and computer-aided instruction courses, in addition to teaching materials editing. It also provides routes for international communication among students and other contextual practices in reading, speaking, writing, etc.
Simultaneous interpretation classroom
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Picture:Simultaneous interpretation classroom This well-equipped interpretation classroom is particularly designed for local/long distance conferences and course practices such as speech & debate and interpretation.
Teaching materials and teaching methods lab
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Picture:Teaching materials and teaching methods lab This lab is equipped with small conference tables, camcorders, OHP's, digital TV programs, audio-visual slide projectors, CD players, teaching software and so forth.
Open-air theaters
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Picture:Open-air theaters Located at both side of the Foreign Language Building , providing platforms for students to do outdoor activities.
Multi-Media foreign language classroom
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Picture:Multi-Media foreign language classroom This classroom is equipped with personal computers, an electronic language teaching/learning system, and individual computer units, used for foreign language lab courses. The facilities can be used for foreign language listening comprehension and speaking interaction.
Electronic equipment room
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Picture:Electronic equipment room This room provides electronic equipment for language classes, including projectors, DVD players, digital camcorders, portable CD players, TVs, Karaoke recording systems, and slide projectors, etc.
Self-access learning center
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Picture:Self-access learning center A self-learning center for motivated students to practice and study foreign languages in their free time. The center has units with interactive self-learning software, connected to satellite-linked international programs.
Foreign language self-learning materials
Members of Teaching & Research Group are compiling a set of foreign language self-learning materials to help students understand the cultural differences between the East and the West and apply the acquired knowledge and skills to real-life communication.